Unleash Hybrid Efficiency

Smart, Efficient Gas-Electric Stone Hearth Ovens


Experience unparalleled precision in heat distribution in a stone hearth oven originally crafted by Proluxe.

Electric in-floor Heater

Engineered for high volume and consistency, our ovens feature a state-of-the-art electric heater beneath the brick, ensuring your deck maintains optimal temperatures.

Carbon Forge 96

Engineered for chain restaurants and high-volume output

Carbon Forge 56

High-performance, small footprint

3" Brick Deck

Say goodbye to unsightly cracks and unusable surface areas, unlike solid floor ovens

Energy Efficicent

Gas oven with electric in-floor heating for more energy efficient stone hearth oven

No Hot Spots

Convex dome outputs 80% more thermal convention power for less rotating and accurate heat

Easy Installation

Easy entrance through any standard doorway


Overhead or direct connection venting configurations