Under-brick Burner

Perfect balance of top-bottom heat


Baking pizza is a matter of top-bottom heat balance. Without proper heat balance, you'll have a pie that's burned on the top and white on the bottom.

For amateurs and masters

New to pizza making? No problem, Carbon’s incredible heat consistency simplifies the baking experience for first-time pizza makers. Pizza Master? The range in temperatures allows any pizza chef to improve their pizza skills and experiment with new recipes.

How we're different

The Carbon Oven

Carbon’s under-brick burner keeps the floor a consistent temperature pizza after pizza. The burner features a stainless steel deflector to conduct heat and diffuses the flames outward to distribute heat across the bottom brick.

Other Pizza Ovens

Other pizza ovens have only a radiant flame as their only heat source. When pizzas are placed on the brick, they shadow the stone from its only heat source resulting in undercooked pizzas.